The forgotten blog

This is probably a terrible thing to admit but I completely forgotten about this blog until a gmail message advised me that someone had started following it!!!

Cant remember the last time I posted but I do recall that I mentioned how many sleeps till a friend moved into her new house … she’s now in her second year in the house, has converted the loft into another bedroom with en suite and her two delightful daughters are now almost five and going on three … two little darlings!!

Life is still a fast lane at the moment, children moving on, oldest almost finished his merchant navy training and will be off to sea in May for the second time, daughter in her honours year at Uni doing Biomedical Science and my youngest in his first year at Uni doing Biochemistry … I am all scienced out!!!!

As well as my childminding I am now embarking on another journey in the land of working from home, event co-ordinating for an American company bringing the art of trampolining to the UK and in particular Scotland  …. yes, Ryze is about hit Scottish shores and have people jumping for joy … get it, folks!!!   Two new Trampoline Parks to open shortly in Glasgow and Edinburgh (Dalkeith).   I will be take party bookings from home.

Some pics of the status of the Dalkeith, Edinburgh park which will be the first one to open:

DSCF0531 DSCF0534 DSCF0536

Hopefully will open mid January 2015.

Other news …. the TalkaboutAutism forum is going strong, lots of new Champions and new posters, great support for those involved in the autism community.  Jump over and check it out and spread the word:  We are just waiting on a response to Tom’s application for PIP … we’ve been for the interview which was pretty straightforward.

As you may or may not have spotted I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (maybe you know us better as Mormons).   We are christians, we believe in a Heavenly Father and our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, we believe he atoned for our sins, died and rose again and that He lives and loves us.  We study the Bible and the Book of Mormon alongside each other, after all the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.   We have a living Prophet and Apostles and a church that is set up just as it was in the Saviour’s day.

“2 Nephi 25:26

And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for remission of their sins.”

Well that’s all for now, I’ve probably forgotten something but hopefully I will be back before much time elapses with an update.


Two More Sleeps ….

Only two more sleeps till the MacKenzies move into their new house.   The mad rush to get it all finished is on.    This being Tuesday night, me being a Mormon and the President of the Young Women of the Glasgow Ward, it’s Youth night and tonight my girls are doing a service project in the new MacKenzie house.  They are learning the really important art of keeping house clean.   Armed with hoovers and all kinds of housekeeping potions they are off to carry out some “Good Works” and contribute to their Personal Progress.   I have taken over the babysitting duties and Jen is going to join the Young Women in their housecleaning efforts.   She is so looking forward to seeing Rhona, Courtney, Kayley, Amanda, Ailsa, Lydia and all the other girls and catching up with them.    Hope that they manage to get some work done in between their socialising.

I visited the house today for the first time while Jen did the babysitting with my girlies.   The renovations are excellent and the house looks awesome, the girls are going to love the garden and Mitch will hopefully get to de-stress once they have moved in.

Mitch will be varnishing all the wooden floors over the next 36 hours or so …. I am actually wondering if she has factored in any sleep for herself.   Jen and Mitch are going to stay late at the house tonight and I am going to continue watching the girls until they get back.


Childminding antics with Jen

An afternoon spent with Lizzie and Maggie is always full of surprises.    Maggie is budding photographer and spent the afternoon with Jen’s fancy camera round her neck, snapping pics here, there and everywhere … her speciality subject is  …. feet (and her own at that).

Lizzie found some new noises to make, not quite sure what they were meant to be, a lot of throat clearing and “raa-raa-ing” all while she brandished a toothbrush!!!   You may well think I take lots of pics but I have nothing on Jen, she must have taken over a 100.

Anyhoo, we managed to get two casseroles of food prepared too which should keep Mitch, Niall and the girlies fed for a day or two.  All hands to the deck getting the house ready for Thursday, no time for cooking!!!


Jen and I made a detour to Frankie and Bennies in Clydebank … me for the Macaroni and Jen for a hotdog.   Now to frantically get ready for the missonary fireside tonight, one of Elder Musgrove’s last duties before he heads home having completed his two year mission.   He’s back to MTC Edinburgh on Tuesday morning to await the arrival of his parents before visiting a few new friends and heading home to Manchester.    Elder Davis will miss him I am sure, as will we all.

Pics to follow

Back from Auld Reekie

Early morning rise to go repatriate my only daughter from her student life in Auld Reekie.  Folks don’t even attempt a visit there, road works, tram works, buses and taxi’s only, no left, no right turn, red and white blockades everywhere …. oh and never rely on a satnav!!!


But the prodigal daughter is home (for a few months) …. let the fun begin.


First task … babysitting with the gorgeous MacKenzie girls (when I figure out how to get a photo in here you will get to participate in the journey of these beautiful girls lives.


Oh just spotted an “insert photo” option … here we go  ….


The lovely MacKenzie girls!!!

Time to eat and run …..

More laterz