Two More Sleeps ….

Only two more sleeps till the MacKenzies move into their new house.   The mad rush to get it all finished is on.    This being Tuesday night, me being a Mormon and the President of the Young Women of the Glasgow Ward, it’s Youth night and tonight my girls are doing a service project in the new MacKenzie house.  They are learning the really important art of keeping house clean.   Armed with hoovers and all kinds of housekeeping potions they are off to carry out some “Good Works” and contribute to their Personal Progress.   I have taken over the babysitting duties and Jen is going to join the Young Women in their housecleaning efforts.   She is so looking forward to seeing Rhona, Courtney, Kayley, Amanda, Ailsa, Lydia and all the other girls and catching up with them.    Hope that they manage to get some work done in between their socialising.

I visited the house today for the first time while Jen did the babysitting with my girlies.   The renovations are excellent and the house looks awesome, the girls are going to love the garden and Mitch will hopefully get to de-stress once they have moved in.

Mitch will be varnishing all the wooden floors over the next 36 hours or so …. I am actually wondering if she has factored in any sleep for herself.   Jen and Mitch are going to stay late at the house tonight and I am going to continue watching the girls until they get back.



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